Trend of the percentage of water in the human body from birth to death


  • Exogenous water (700/1500 ml): still water, sparkling water, water contained in food (especially fruit and vegetables), herbal teas, infusions, tea, coffee, broths, milk, juices and drinks (including vegetable) with no added sugar, etc.

  • Endogenous water (600/700 ml): produced by the metabolism of macronutrients within our body.



Corresponds to the decrease in body water of more than 1% of body weight. The first symptoms are headache, loss of appetite, reddening of the skin, fatigue, muscle cramps, up to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, etc. 8% dehydration is seriously life-threatening. Subjects at risk are the elderly and athletes (with consequent worsening of performance).