Which ones?

    Extra virgin olive oil (50%), seed oil, coconut, avocado, dried fruit, oilseeds, sesame butter, coconut butter, dried fruit creams, ghee, vegetable drinks, mayonnaise, olives, chocolate, cocoa...

    Cream, butter, lard, "fat" cheeses, oily fish, eggs, red meat / sausages...

The beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system are scientifically proven!

Source: CORonary Diet Intervention with Olive oil and cardiovascular PREVention study
ARTICLES| VOLUME 399, ISSUE 10338, P1876-1885, MAY 14, 2022
Long-term secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease with a Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet (CORDIOPREV): a randomised controlled trial
Javier Delgado-Lista, MD *et al.
Published: May 04, 2022 THE LANCET