Travelogue Associazione di promozione sociale

Travelogue Associazione di promozione sociale was founded in Umbria, in the centre of Italy, in 2010 with the aim of promoting the natural, landscape and cultural riches of the area and enhancing local excellence from a professional and productive, intellectual and artistic point of view.

We encourage initiatives that support the sense of belonging of this region to the European dimension and that stimulate openness to all people and cultures of the world, encouraging mutual knowledge and contacts, promoting the exchange of knowledge between entities, organizations and people, through local, European and international projects.

Our objectives:

  • Promoting the territory and its local development through the enhancement of cultural, environmental and naturalistic heritage that distinguishes it;

  • Raising awareness among the population on the importance of preserving natural, artistic and architectural beauties of the area and on the enhancement of local traditions, highlighting the links with current life;

  • Promoting European citizenship, stimulating openness to all peoples and cultures of the world, and promoting the exchange of knowledge between organizations and people, through local, European and international projects;

  • Fostering social inclusion, lifelong learning, intergenerational dialogue and active citizenship.

Our target groups:

We cooperate with Local Institutions, Schools, Training centres and Third Sector Organisations in the application and management of local and European projects, such as Erasmus +, Europe for Citizens and other EU programs since 2007.

Our experience allows us to easily identify the target groups of the different actions and to establish effective relationships with the local economic and social reality, involving the young and adult population in learning, updating, mobility and volunteering activities.

Our activities are addressed to:

  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Unemployed
  • Migrants


is an NGO from Málaga (Spain) created in 2003 from a group of youths who after participating in international programmes and activities, concluded that these grow experiences had been very important to change their life. Therefore, they decided to share them with other young people, collectives and associations, to enhance the interest in participating in international programs and exchanges, learning languages, realizing voluntary work, raising awareness, tolerance and respect for other cultures, etc. thereby contributing to personal and professional development of young people and adults.

Mission: contributing to the comprehensive development and improvement of the quality of life of citizens, especially young people.

Main objectives:

  • To encourage the creation of plans, programs, and projects that have a beneficial impact on youth;
  • To increase the existing knowledge about the field of youth;
  • To improve the training of professionals, experts, youth and other people involved with young people, at local and international level;
  • To enhance the inclusion and development of people at different levels: training, employment, sociocultural activities, languages, interculturality, etc.;
  • To contribute to the development cooperation of the poorest and most needed sectors of the population.


Areas of intervention:

  • Participation and Volunteering;
  • Culture of Peace and Interculturality;
  • Gender Equality;
  • Art and Creativity;
  • Sport and Healthy Life;
  • Personal development and entrepreneurship.


We aim to promote a society based on the principles of equality, solidarity and freedom and to encourage cooperation between citizens and their active participation in the social and economic activity of their communities. Particular emphasis is placed on the topics of education, social inclusion, mental health, digital transformation, environmental sustainability and culture. We attempt this through activities that can take the form of workshops, seminars and trainings, advocacy campaigns, debates, publications and research.

GLAFKA s.r.o.

is Czech based educational and consulting institution located in Prague. It focuses on knowledge and innovation transfer in a field of lifelong learning, further education and nonformal learning. GLAFKA has a strong focus on empowerment of disadvantaged groups, including 60+, handicapped and socially excluded persons. One of their main aims is to increase employability of target groups through personal and vocational development, bridging the gaps between generations, genders and nationalities as well participating in activities friendly to the environment and sustainable development. Main area of activities covers development of state-of-the-art teaching methods (storytelling) for supporting citizens’ key competencies, strengthening critical thinking as well ICT literacy of different target group.