Routine for Healthy Life - R4H

Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in adult education 


Project duration: 28/02/2022 - 27/08/2023 (18 months)

Partner organizations:

Project aim: 

The project intends to contribute to the needs of understanding and accompanying the changes occurred by the recent crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 that have crossed all segments of the population, in particular adults, lonely people, those at risk of social exclusion.

The aim of the project is to help people to face an unexpected crisis and to learn how to deal with it in order to preserve our psycho-physical well-being and balance. 


    • To stimulate adults' awareness of the importance of maintaining a regular daily routine in order to preserve a good level of psycho-physical health.
    • To promote healthy behaviours (such as healthy food and regular physical activity) as tools for health and well bei
    • To improve the digital competences of adult people to communicate, accede to services and for  job search
    • To develop adults and senior personal social and learning to learn competence, as well as problem solving skills and creative thinking

Target group:

ADULTS OR SENIORSdisadvantaged for their low skills or low level of qualification or considered to be at risk of social exclusion due to their socioeconomic standing. Also including over 50 unemployed people, in a situation of long-term unemployment or people facing economic or social obstacles, such as people coming from other countries, unemployed women with children or people with disabilities. 

Main activities:

  • Project Management and Implementation
    • Transnational Coordination Meeting in Volos (Greece) (27-30 April 2022) to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities.
    • Analysis (April 2022 – June2022): Interviews and surveys through focus groups, questionnaires and storytelling techniques with adults and seniors to gather information of the problems faced during the pandemic and the needs arisen from it; sharing experiences through online tools with the participants of other countries.
    • Blended mobility of adult learners in Marsciano (Italy) (September 2022): Learning activities to develop self-care skills to preserve one's own balance and well-being, and personal, social and learning to learn competence, as well as the use of digital tools for learning. The output of the activity will be a "diary of a healthy routine" identifying forward-looking goals to motivate themselves, developing resilience and confidence to cope with stress and uncertainty. Duration 5 days, 4 participants for each partner organisation (adult and senior learners).
    • Webinars (October 2022 - January 2023): each partner country will organize one webinar and online learning module involving participants from the different organisations to analyze different aspects related to the psycho-physical well-being, such as healthy nutrition, daily physical activity, psychological well-being, digital tools for communication and problem solving attitude.
    • Workshops with learners (February - May 2023): Follow-up local meetings with the learners and 1 Workshop in each country to develop a “Self-care routine planner” containing a daily plan of healthy activities, tips for preserving health and wellness.
    • Transnational Coordination Meeting and Final Conference in Malaga, (Spain) (June 2023) for evaluation of the project and public presentation of project results. Duration 2 days, 2 participants for each partner organization.
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Website and e-learning platform

Project results:


    • Multilingual project website and integrated e-learning platform
    • Survey gathering information of the problems faced during the pandemic, with special attention to the needs arisen from the learners
    • "Diary of a healthy routine", created by the learners identifying forward-looking goals to motivate themselves
    • Webinars, videos and e-learning modules created by the partners, uploaded in the project e-learning platform in English, Italian, Spanish, Czech and Greek on the topics of physical activity for a healthy life, healthy nutrition, psychological well-being, problem solving ability and proactivity, digital tools for communication, job search and lifelong learning
    • "Healthy routine planner", a daily plan of healthy activities and tips to preserve health and wellness
    • Report of the workshops, summarizing the experiences in all the countries and the application of the "Healthy routine planner”


    • Development of self-care skills to preserve one's own balance and well-being in adult and senior learners
    • Improvement of personal, social and learning to learn competence, their attitude to problem solving and creative thinking, to motivate themselves, developing resilience and confidence to cope with stress and uncertainty
    • Strengthening in the use of digital tools, development of the digital competence
    • Development of adults’ knowledge in the field of psycho-physical well-being, improving of their digital competences, personal social and learning to learn competence.