WORKSHOPs in partner countries

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On Wednesday 10/5/2023, in the frames of the Erasmus project “Routine for Healthy Life”, a workshop took place in Volos, Greece.

The participants were all adults and almost half of them seniors at risk of social exclusion while the majority were women. They are all permanent resides of Volos although some of them have been raised in other cities of Greece. Since there were also younger ages present, we had a good mix of age groups thus bringing forth interesting discussions about the differing perspectives that are informed depending on the age of each individual. All of the participants completed the daily routine planner according to their personal needs and expectations and by also considering the opinions that other people expressed throughout the workshop. As a result the workshop was rather dynamic by putting less emphasis on a lecture mode style of methodology and by promoting dialogue and cooperation among the participants so as to increase their interest and keep them actively engaged.



Workshop on healthy routines and habits given by the Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven in Málaga.

On Monday, April 24, 2023, a healthy living workshop was held at the El Cónsul Health Centre in Malaga. The workshop focused on healthy routines and habits.

The activity was addressed to adults and the main objective of the activity was to carry out a healthy routine plan.

To begin with, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each person in the group was carried out, with the aim of facilitating the subsequent implementation of the weekly plan.

Throughout the session, advice and essential information on the basic pillars on which a healthy routine should be based were provided.

The project was also presented in order to give visibility to the project's online training course. Basic information of the Erasmus+ Programme were also provided to participants underlying that it is not only a programme for youth but also for people of all ages.

Finally, an evaluation was carried out, in which all participants had the opportunity to express their opinions and learning.



Workshop for the creation of a “Healthy routine planner” in Italy

On May 11th, 2023, Travelogue APS implemented the workshop for the creation of a “Healthy routine planner” in Marsciano, Italy.

Adult and senior learners deepened the importance of creating and maintaining a routine of healthy activities and then filled their planner, reflecting on their habits, discussing with each other and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during the previous activities and the online course of the project.

To create and maintain a daily or weekly routine of healthy activities can be very important, especially in the most difficult and stressful moments, since it can help to regain control of our life. Having a daily routine can help us to be more productive and focused on what we're doing, helping us to keep our life stable, increasing our happiness level and preserving our health and wellness.

Each participant therefore created their own weekly planner of healthy activities, taking into account: nutrition, physical activity, hobbies, psychological well-being, education, work and volunteering.

At the end of the activity, certificates of attendance were to those who completed the online course on the project website.

The workshop was carried out in the frame of the Erasmus+ "Routine for Healthy Life", project, co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by Travelogue APS.



Workshop on well-being and how to create own healthy routine planner

On Tuesday, the March 28th, 2023 GLAFKA held the workshop focused mainly on the practical exercises and activities related to healthy life and well-being. The workshop was divided into three main parts with short breaks in between.

At the beginning the participants were introduced into the fundamentals of the healthy and balanced life including suggestions for well-being routines. They also gain basic knowledge how to plan their healthy routine and develop their personal diary on healthy routine.

After short break participants were divided into 3 groups. Each group designed own healthy routine planner, within groups they discussed their life experience and knowledge, together they came to conclusion and completed the group healthy routine planner.

At the end of the workshop each group presented their planner to others. After all groups presented their planners all participants together developed one final planner.

The workshop was finished with interactive evaluation. Each participant was asked what s/he would put into his bag and take it with her/him.


Some photos from our workshops can be found here: